sideburnpower: (Me - Hairy Linux User)
2012-11-25 10:05 pm

Christmas Card Exchange

I do one of these every year. So let's get to it.

In the couple of days between me finishing up the semester and me going home, I usually send out Christmas cards. So, they tend to arrive for people in the US like a week before the 25th.

I buy the cheapest, ugliest cards I can find. And I send those. Because even ugly cards need a home. And then I make them extra... beautiful... by doodling things in them for people who ask. Consider it like getting an MS Paint drawn by hand. With a pen. In one color.

So this is what I need from you, dear reader, if you want a card from me.

Doodle Request:
Other Request:

Other Request is for things like "please scratch out 'Christmas' and write 'Festivus' instead" or something, if you'd rather not get a Christmas card because you don't celebrate the holiday. I will do my best to accommodate any requests as best as I can.

So, for example -

Name: Bob Bobson
Address: 123 Main Street
Hometown, IL 61234
Doodle Request: A carrot
Other Request: None

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